Fragma - toca me

In 2000, a mash-up , " Toca's Miracle " was produced, taking the music of Fragma’s "Toca Me" and placing the vocals from Coco Star 's 1996 song "I Need a Miracle" (written for Coco Star by Rob Davis and Victor Imbres) over the instrumental. Originally released on Orbit Records in Germany, "Toca Me" was also released in the UK on Positiva Records . A release was made using vocals from illegal filesharing online, [3] which went straight to number one in the UK chart, [2] and was popular in Australia and Ireland . "Toca's Miracle" was described as a “song that was never really meant to be” by Billboard 's Michael Paoletta. [4] An album was released in 2001; Toca , as well as two other singles; "Everytime You Need Me" (UK No. 3), [2] which featured vocals by Maria Rubia , and "You Are Alive" (UK No. 4) [2] with vocals by Damae .

Fragma - Toca MeFragma - Toca MeFragma - Toca MeFragma - Toca Me