Steel mammoth - nuclear ritual

The mining process is similar to coal mining, with both open pit and underground mines. It produces similar environmental impacts, with the added hazard that uranium mine tailings are radioactive. Groundwater can be polluted not only from the heavy metals present in mine waste, but also from the traces of radioactive uranium still left in the waste. Half of the people employed by the uranium mining industry work on cleaning up the mines after use.

A new containment device will allow the sarcophagus to be dismantled and radioactive material to be removed. [13] The New Safe Confinement was expected to replace the existing sarcophagus in 2015. However, delays and a €100 million funding gap caused a yearlong delay, before being moved into place in November 2016.

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This submarine, the most expensive weapon ever procured by Israel, can carry nuclear missiles according to foreign reports. Israel Navy Commander Vice Admiral Ram Rotberg and Ministry of Defence director general Udi Shani today launched the new Dolphin submarine at Kiel Port in Germany. The submarine, named "INS Rahav", will cost $500 million, one third of which will be financed by Germany. The INS Rahav is the most expensive item ever procured by the Ministry of Defence. The INS Rahav will arrive in Israel in one year, after completing tests and is declared operational. The Navy and Ministry of Defence said that the INS Rahav is one of the most advanced submarines in the world, and that its long-range secret mission capability would extend the IDF's operational capabilities. According to the foreign media, the Dolphin-class submarines can also carry nuclear missiles. Israel will receive the sixth Dolphin-class submarine, also built by HDW Shipyards GmbH, in a few years. The defence establishment calls this cutting-edge submarine an "improved Dolphin". It will reportedly be delivered to the Navy in 2017 or 2018, and will also cost $500 million. The Navy does not talk much about the operations of its submarine fleet, which the defence establishment calls "Israel's very long arm". Former Navy Commander Vice Admiral (res.) David Ben-Bassat once told "Globes", "Doubling the submarine fleet will reflect Israel's recognition of the strategic depth of its maritime space and will give the Navy immense capabilities. The IDF's defence concept will be significantly improved and upgraded when it receives more submarines." Israel developed many of the Dolphin submarine's systems. Defence sources say that Germany is making reciprocal procurements from Israeli civilian and defence companies as part of the program.

The Designed Stabilisation Steel Structure (DSSS) is the yellow metal work that can be seen against the sarcophagus. It is 63 metres tall and has a series of cantilevers that extend through the western buttress wall, and is intended to stabilise the sarcophagus. This DSSS was put in place because if the wall of the reactor building or the roof of the shelter were to collapse, then large amounts of radioactive dust and particles would be thrown into the atmosphere. In December 2006 the “Designed Stabilisation Steel Structure” (DSSS) was extended until 50% of the roof load (about 400 tons) was transferred from the axis 50 wall to the DSSS.

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Steel Mammoth - Nuclear RitualSteel Mammoth - Nuclear RitualSteel Mammoth - Nuclear RitualSteel Mammoth - Nuclear Ritual